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julho 27, 2022Você Chic Bonita


My dear ladies, I want to share some news with you. This time the theme is not just fashion, but something that encompasses both fashion and beauty and our health. In the form of a short guide, I will share with you the answers to some common questions. I want to talk about underwear. One might think that there is not much to talk about. But there is. It is very important to know how to choose the most comfortable underwear for us. Here you can find a balance between functionality and beauty. Absolutely all important criteria are met. 



Here you can find the best underwear for yourself  



The site that is my favorite when it comes to underwear is called Cosmolle. When you read the part about the company, as well as the part about technology, everything will be clear to you. When I say the best underwear, I actually mean the most comfortable. This is important for every self-aware woman. And he wants to afford only the best. In addition to comfort, aesthetics are also important.  



Quality material is the best friend of your skin  

Do you know anything about Collagen?  



I can't explain the importance of the material to you. Materials should be taken into account when it comes to clothes, but much more when it comes to underwear. I learned a lot of news about materials on this shopping site. For example: why cotton and polyester are not good. Their choice is Collagen Polyamide Yarn. I don’t know much about this material, but I do know that Cosmolle takes care of our planet and pollution. And I completely believe that they made the best choice. The material is eco-friendly and skin-loving. Otherwise, the package with their things will arrive in 100% recyclable paper and I think it really can't get any better. 




Better Bras – Better You 



I like the feeling when I don't feel my underwear. I can’t describe to you that self-confidence that then erupted from me. This slogan from the subtitle is something I am guided by. When I'm happy with my appearance, I'm happy. And my appearance is greatly affected by the position and shape of the breasts. A most comfortable wireless bra is my first choice. Why are adjustable straps important? You can achieve a lot with them. You can wear the same bra on multiple occasions. We know that flexibility and comfort are important to us when training. For this occasion, we will loosen the straps. However, I often need a push up effect. And I achieve it when I tighten the straps. I did great. These bras have another great advantage. And these are caps that are fixed. You don't have to worry about it moving. Even after a lot of washing, they will stay in place. These are not cups like on other brushalters. They are as much as 40% lighter. There is no feeling of heaviness, only a feeling of comfort and convenience. 



Choose the right size  



This is very important. Do not allow your underwear to tighten or fall off. In the first case, you can stop the circulation, and in the second case, you will not have nicely shaped breasts or buttocks. So measure yourself and follow the size guide on the site. That way you won't go wrong. I can't wait for you to let me know your impressions. 

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