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Get Ready for the Summer with the Latest Waist Trainers and Shapewears Trends

julho 18, 2023Você Chic Bonita

 Summer is around the corner, and everyone is always looking to look their best for and during this season. Especially, because is a season where we tend to wear much less clothes than during the colder seasons. 

We are usually in bikinis at the beach or wearing summer dresses or shorts and nice tops too.

But for those who want to look their best, they can definitively follow the newest waist trainers and shapewear trends. If you are one of those, you can also take advantage of the hot sale custom waist trainer and find the best ones to keep your figure looking amazing

What can shapewear and waist trainers do for you?

Shapewear will help you have an instant hourglass silhouette, it can be worn under your favorite clothes, and there’s always one style that will go perfectly with your outfit, but also there are some shapewear styles that make great main pieces of your outfit.

For example, built-in shaper dress, 

will not only make you look amazing but enhance your curves in the right places and will be a great option as a dress. And these types of dresses are always perfect for hot weather, as they allow you to move freely and look amazing.

As it was mentioned before, there are many styles for everyone’s needs. They focus on the different problematic areas of the body. Some in the waist and tummy, others in the legs and thighs, some in the arms, specifically, and others provide full body shaping.

If you want to have the best prices in shapewear, then it’s ideal that you look 

Wholesale shapewear

as they have the best prices in the market, and will allow you to buy as many as you need, with preferential wholesale prices, like for example, at Waistdear.

Waist trainers, will not specifically give you an instant hourglass silhouette, but they will train your waist area to look smaller over time. While results from shapewear are instant and only last while you are wearing term, the ones from waist trainers will be visible long term and with constant use.

Shapewear and waist trainer trends

As there are trends in fashion, so are trends in the shapewear industry, these also include waist trainers.

We are going to share some of the pieces that are trending right now, that you should add to your closet and wear whenever you feel like looking amazing.

First, we have Waistdear’s Waist Trainer with 5 Plastic Bones Sticker and High-Compression. This is made with a high-elastic fabric, that has been made out of elastane and polyamide, which provides a completely targeted compression. Has 5 plastic bones that prevent rolling and will also give you maximum support.


It has 3 adjustable straps with stickers, that will allow you to get a fit that is customizable. Its upper belt will help to raise your bust while its lower one will fight the lower belly fat. This one is perfect for those who practice weight lifting; besides it supports your back, improves your posture, and relieves lower back pain.

And we also have their Seamless One-Piece Short-Sleeved Thong Bodysuit. This one is made out of materials that are breathable and comfortable, which makes it suitable to be worn all day. You can wear this one with jeans and jackets, thanks to its versatility.

The fabric, which has high elasticity will flatten effectively your arms and abdomen, and it will also give you a supporting effect under the chest. Its thong styling will contour your butt curves. And it also has a snap closure on the crotch area, which make easy bathroom visits and will prevent changes in position.

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